Lowell is a company passionate about what it creates, as well as what it does for the consumer.
Love and dedication to all our clients is the foundation of our history, beginning in 1991, all the way up to the entrepreneurship of our current CEO, Paulo Andrade. We have a commitment to seriousness and transparency in our DNA, and an immeasurable respect throughout our team of collaborators.
"It`s from Brazil!" And yes, we are 100% Brazilian. We are from Itapira, in the interior of São Paulo, where we have our administrative headquarters, factories and our logistics center. In Campinas, the Lowell Academy is referenced when training professional hairdressers.
The Lowell team is driven by the passion and goal of achieving excellence.
We do not only deliver products, we deliver the best products with the most current technology and inspiring results. Personalized service, in-house logistics, communications aligned with the market, merchandising materials to support promotions, a great team of technicians in the field and workshops for the professional improvement of our professional clients.
We are a consolidated company, a strong brand, wanted and desired. Blessed by this recognition, of which we have great gratitude, we remain striving in the search of ways to better ourselves and stay current, more and more each day.